Stanley weekly weather outlook

Stanley –  Stanley shouldn’t see too much snow or wind throughout the week, but the weekend will bring some frigid conditions.

Monday: Could see temperatures in the 30’s for a high, lows expected to be in the low teens.

Tuesday: Colder than Monday, expect highs in the 20’s, lows in the single digits.

Wednesday: Similar temps as Tuesday expected. Snow is unlikely, wind should be minimal as well.

Thursday: Another day of temps ranging from the low 20’s to the high single digits. Snow possible late.

Friday: Best chance for snow, temperatures will be dropping with lows expected to be below 0.

Saturday:  Highs expected to be in the single digits, could see lows around -10 or worse.

Sunday: Going to start cold and end cold. Expected to be the coldest day of the winter season so far. Highs below zero expected.

Work continues on the addition of the elementary school in Stanley, ND

Source: The Weather Channel

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