Stanley Blue Jays take 2nd Place at Griz All-Star Cheer Competition

Missoula, MT – The Stanley Blue Jays Cheer Team took home 2nd place in their first appearance at the Montana Griz All-Star Cheer Competition.

The Blue Jays received a 9.8 out of 10 for an overall score, they also scored a 4.6 out of 5.0 on their dance routine. “The judges loved their energy and said the routine was fun and refreshing to watch,” said Nelson.

The Blue Jays were able to spend some time learning from the University of Montana Cheer Team, an experience that helped prepare them for some tough out of state competition. “This was such a positive experience for all involved and the girls were able to learn a lot of new things,” said Stanley Blue Jay coach Dawn Nelson. “The other teams were extremely helpful and encouraging, this helped to make our team’s first all star event a huge success.”

Stanley Blue Jays Cheer Squad in Missoula, MT (Photo by Dawn Nelson)

Three Blue Jays were also able to compete in the individual competitions, Autum McIntosh and Rachel Savage competed in the jump competition, while Lindsey Cryer competed in the tumbling competition.

The Stanley Blue Jays Cheer Team: Krista Savage, Bety Aguilar, Cadyn Trulson, Samantha Honrud, Kacey Clark, Jackie Aguilar, Sylvia Salazar, Alondra Salgado, Lauren and Lindsey Cryer, Rachel Savage, Autum McIntosh, La’Dasha Cumby, Kaylee Wilson, Gaby Rolfe, Kiara Stevenson, Leigha Hawkinson and Mallorie Dale

The Stanley Blue Jay Cheer Coaches: Barb Reese, Dawn Nelson, Cassie Thelen, Jasmynn Halverson, LeAnn Graber

The Stanley Blue Jays were also invited to a competition in Bozeman, MT on April, 2nd.

Check out the latest Blue Jay Sports news on the Stanley Gazette local sports page


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