Parshall edges Stanley in region 8 hoops action

Stanley – Sophomore Wyatt Hanson poured in a game high 31 points for the Stanley Blue Jays, but the Parshall Braves would end the night victorious, winning 69-52.

This game featured two of the top teams in region 8. Stanley was riding a five game winning streak coming into the game, while the Braves were undefeated against region 8 competition.

The Blue Jays played well for stretches but some cold shooting in the second half would lead to Stanley’s downfall in this game. “We did some good things tonight but had a few minutes of let down each half that proved to be the difference,” said Stanley Blue Jays coach Kory Anderson. “We’ll need better balance scoring next time and can’t afford to miss the number of free throws or put backs that we missed tonight. All in all learn from it, build from it, and on to the next one.”

Jath vs Parshall
Stanley Blue Jay Jath Mansfield take a shot against the Parshall Braves in boys basketball

The Stanley Blue Jays will look to rebound from this game tomorrow when they travel to take on the Ray Jays.

The complete box score for tonight’s game between the Stanley Blue Jays and the Parshall Braves can be found on the NDBASKETBALLHUB.

Check out the latest Stanley Blue Jay Sports news on the Stanley Gazette local sports page

5 thoughts on “Parshall edges Stanley in region 8 hoops action

    1. Noted, would counter with the fact that the game was within a single basket at halftime and that all 5 Parshall starters played the entire 4th quarter without a single substitution. Those two facts could lead someone to believe the game may have been closer then the score indicated.


  1. What difference does it make that the Braves played their starting 5 while Stanley played their starters plus bench? By your rationale, that shows the Braves starting 5 outplayed the entire bluejay team…again, 17 points is not ‘edging’ out a win whoever played or how long they did or what the score was at the half…’never mind the fact that we got beat by 17 points, we were only down by 3 at the half so we’re just as good as they are’……as Dr. J once said…’lose, don’t excuse’


    1. It seems as though you have an issue with words i chose for the title of the article, which is fine. The word “edge” is a very generic journalistic term used to describe a win in a competitive match.

      I’ll clarify further, my previous reply wasn’t meant to detract from Parshall’s win, it was simply to clarify why that speficic word choice was justified in my opinion. The halftime score was used as justification to indicate that the game was closely contested, atleast up to that point. The fact that Parshall had all 5 starters on the floor was simply brought up to demonstrate that the Parshall coaches clearly didn’t feel as though the game was “a blow out”, if they did they likely would’ve put in atleast one sub.

      I felt Parshall and Stanley played one of the best high school basketball games that I have seen in person. The atmosphere was intense and both teams played very hard. The article was meant to highlight the fact that a really good high school basketball game was played. Parshall has a very nice team and they are very exciting to watch. I look forward to seeing the two teams play again.


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