The Sportsman claim the 2015-2016 Stanley Men’s League Basketball Championship

Stanley – The Sportsmen took home the Stanley Men’s League Basketball League title with a 107-94 win over Continental.

FullSizeRender (1)

The Sportsman team includes the following players: Dannon Drosdahl, Drew Drosdahl, Jarren Enockson, Nate Packineau, Neil Packineau, Trevor H., Lance Hollinger, Mervin Packineau, Dallas McGrady.

Final League Standings:

Team Name Win Loss
Sportsmen 14 1
Continental 11 4
The Teachers 9 6
Lampert Farms 8 7
Carlson Well Service 7 8
Jorgenson 6 9
Leupp 4 11
Jones Grain 1 14
Jorgenson 87
Carlson 85
Lampert Farms 97
The Teachers 82
Sportsmen 107
Continental 94
Leupp 81
Jones Grain 69

Make sure to check out the Stanley Gazette for more Stanley, North Dakota news and sports.

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