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Taxable sales fall sharply in fourth quarter

Stanley – Stanley’s taxable sales dropped a staggering 63.48% in the 4th quarter on a year over year basis.

Fourth quarter taxable sales fell sharply throughout western North Dakota. Taxable sales started to decline sharply in Q1 of 2015, but the drop off accelerated in the second half of the year. Q4 saw the largest % declines for most communities in the state.

Williston saw the largest nominal drop in taxable sales. The oil patch hub saw its Q4 taxable sales fall to $382,663,750, from $837,346,024 in Q4 of 2014, a drop of $454,682,274.

To put Williston’s drop in sales in perspective: Bismarck had a total of $451,160,563 in taxable sales for Q4 2015. Williston saw a larger drop in taxable sales than Bismarck (North Dakota’s second largest economy) had in total taxable sales.

vacant lot 1

Commercial lot for sale in Stanley, North Dakota

Fourth Quarter Taxable Sales

Stanley – Taxable sales dropped 63.48% (year/year)

Tioga – Taxable sales dropped 43.87% (year/year)

Williston – Taxable sales dropped 54.3% (year/year)

Watford City- Taxable sales dropped 45.95% (year/year)

Dickinson – Taxable sales dropped 37.07% (year/year)

Minot – Taxable sales dropped 25.57% (year/year)

Bismarck – Taxable sales dropped 7.27% (year/year)

Fargo- Taxable sales dropped 4.19% (year/year)


2015 Full Year Taxable Sales

Stanley – Taxable sales dropped 43.77% (year/year)

Tioga – Taxable sales dropped 29.96% (year/year)

Williston – Taxable sales dropped 36.81% (year/year)

Watford City- Taxable sales dropped 26.39% (year/year)

Dickinson – Taxable sales dropped 25.52% (year/year)

Minot – Taxable sales dropped 16.21% (year/year)

Bismarck – Taxable sales dropped 3.31% (year/year)

Fargo- Taxable sales dropped 1.16% (year/year)

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