Stanley City Council, Park District races are heating up

Stanley – Most of the focus has been on the North Dakota Governor race, but Stanley has its own pair of contested races at the city level.

The Stanley City Council race features 5 candidates. (3 spots are available)

Tim Holte (Incumbent)

Wade Maurer

David Minton (Incumbent)

Linda Weinbar (Incumbent)

Chad Hysjulien (Write in Candidate)

The Stanley Park Board race features 3 candidates. (2 spots are available)

Brandi Bieri (Incumbent)

Ashley Carpenter (Incumbent)

Thomas Lonier

Both of these races are important for the City of Stanley. The park district is in the process of building out a sports complex in the western part of town. The project could be a huge boost to the city if managed properly. If things go smoothly the city would have a realistic opportunity to host summer sports tournaments and other events that will draw in new customers for local businesses.  If the project is mismanaged, the headache caused will be obvious and tough to shake for a long time.

The Stanley City Council race will determine who makes key policy decisions for the city. Stanley is at a critical juncture and there are going to be forces pulling the council in multiple directions, having prudent city council members will be essential to Stanley’s success in the years to come.

These two races as well as the North Dakota Governor race will take place on June 14th.

Make sure to check out the Stanley Gazette guide to the North Dakota Governor Race.

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Construction Project in Stanley, ND


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