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Stanley High School Band is having a record year

Stanley – The Stanley High School Band is exceptional, if you have had the good fortune to hear them play at any point during the last few years you would almost certainly echo that sentiment.


Excellence is something we have grown to expect from the Blue Jay band, a 2014 Governor’s Band award is just one of the many accolades the band has garnered in recent memory. That excellence has a high likelihood of continuing this year with a record 130 kids coming out for band this year at Stanley High School. “It is an absolute joy to have this many students apart of the music department,” said Stanley High School Band Director Evan Meiers. The record breaking band will be taking their talents to Minneapolis, MN in March to play at the Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) basketball game.

The administration at Stanley High School has been looking for ways to create more options for students to continue their studies in the band program. The school was able to add an extra junior high band class to accommodate the number of students.

The Blue Jay band has had incredible numbers over the past few years and that is not by accident. The students respond well to their popular band director (Meiers) and it shows in their performance.

The Stanley Band has been a cut above the rest for a while, this year will be no exception.

Where can you see them?

The Stanley Blue Jay band will be on display this Friday (2nd) at 7pm at Lyne Enget Field in Stanley. The band will be playing during the Stanley Blue Jay football home opener versus the Grafton Spoilers.

For a complete schedule and list of band events, please go to their newly launched website: http://www.stanley-high-school-band.cuttime.net

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  1. My little great granddaughter loved listening and watching the band march when they lived down the block. She was just learning to walk when she would hear them and in her baby jibberish let her dad know she wanted to go see them.

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