Rodin breaks multiple passing records, Kenmare cruises in first round of playoffs

Kenmare Kenmare’s Hunter Rodin came into the game with Drake-Anamoose with a couple of national (9-man) passing records within range, he would leave the game as the record holder in both passing yards and touchdowns in a season. The Kenmare Honkers pulled away with 70-12 win over Drake-Anamoose. Rodin’s 39th and record setting touchdown came in the 4th quarter.

Rodin and the Honkers led 38-12 at half-time, they would pull away with 70-12 win in their opening round game.

The Kenmare Honkers move on to play the  Richardton-Taylor-Hebron (Region 5 #2) in the second round of the North Dakota (9-man) football playoffs.

Hettinger- The Divide County Maroons took a seemingly safe 36-20 lead into the fourth quarter against Hettinger-Scranton, but the Night Hawks would rally to pull within 4 points with just over two minute remaining. The Night Hawks were unsuccessful in their on-side kick attempt and wouldn’t see the ball again, Divide County would hold on for a 36-32 first round win.

The Maroons will play the North Prairie Cougars in round 2.

North Dakota (9-Man) Football playoffs (First round):

Drake-Anamoose (Region 4 #4)             12

Kenmare-Bowbells-BC (Region 6 #2)   70


Tioga (Region 6 #4)      0

TGU (Region 4 #3)        44


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Divide County (Region 6 #3)                  36  

Hettinger-Scranton (Region 5 #3)      32


Kidder County (Region 3 #4)                         24 

New Rockford-Sheyenne (Region 2 #3)     22

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Hatton-Northwood (Region 1 #4)   20

Cavalier (Region 2 #2)                         50


North Border (Region 2 #4)                      24

Wyndmere-Lidgerwood (Region 1 #2)  49


Bowman County (Region 5 #4)       0

St. John (Region 4 #2)                       42


Richland (Region 1 #3)                 18   

Linton-HMB (Region 3 #3)         10

North Dakota (9-Man) Football Playoff teams receiving first round bye:

Thompson (Region 2 #1),  Hankinson (Region 1 #1), Shiloh (Region 3 #1),  North Prairie (Region 4 #1) , Richardton-Taylor-Hebron (Region 5 #2), New-Salem/Glen Ullin Region 5 #1), Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood (Region 6 #1), Napolean- Gackle- Streeter (Region 3 #2)

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