Stanley Gazette Update!


The Stanley Gazette ( recently hit its first milestone of 50,000 hits!

The Stanley Gazette has recently expanded it’s sports coverage area to include neighboring communities: Powers Lake, Kenmare, Ray, Tioga, Bowbells, Crosby, New Town, Parshall, as well as others in the region. We are always looking for help with scores/pictures. Any scores/media can continue to be sent to (

The Stanley Gazette has also started adding video highlights of select Stanley Blue Jay games, we will be expanding our video production over the course of the Basketball season and are very excited to be able to provide more interactive content to our viewers.
(Video highlights/pictures are archived in the Stanley Blue Jays Media section)

Youtube Channel: Stanley Gazette

ADVERTISING: The Stanley Gazette is also starting to offer advertising opportunities. If you are a local company that is looking to get its message out, please contact for more information/rates on the variety of ways the Stanley Gazette can help get your message out.

STANLEY BUSINESS DIRECTORY: The Stanley Gazette has launched the Stanley Area Business Directory, we will also be expanding this to neighboring communities. This can be a very cost effective way for local businesses to get an expanded message out to potential customers. Check it out: Stanley Business Directory

I would like to give a sincere THANK YOU to everyone for taking the time to read/like/comment/share the stories. It is very much appreciated and goes a long way towards spreading the word!

The Stanley Gazette was started as a hobby, with the goal of providing a level of sports coverage that is only found in much larger communities. There is still work left to achieve that goal but it has been a blast so far and I am looking forward to improving our coverage over the coming months.

Make sure to “Like” our page or “Follow” us on Twitter (@StanleyGazette) for updates.

THANK YOU for all of the support!


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