Tigirlily brings excellent music, positive message to Stanley

By Ian Grande

Stanley – The dynamic duo Tigirlily made the final stop of their Bank of North Dakota school tour today in Stanley. Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, sisters who together form Tigirlily put on an excellent show for all of the students in the Stanley school district.

The group who hails from Hazen, North Dakota also played shows in Minot, Wahpeton, and Mayville as part of their Bank of North Dakota tour. The tour was deisgned to promote college application month and the assistance that Bank of North Dakota can provide to seniors. “This is the fourth school that we have played at (during the Bank of North Dakota tour), it went by really fast and we had a blast, we couldn’t have asked for better schools to go to, said Kendra. We are very thankful for Bank of North Dakota partnering up with us on this so we could make it all happen.”

Tigirlily was able to keep the gym rocking and the crowd excited throughout the entire concert, the group demonstrated tremendous range throughout the entire set. The duo played a few of their own songs but also mixed in everything from Backstreet Boys to Tom Petty. “We like to keep the concerts really fun, we try to choose fun songs, we are always looking for ways to keep the crowd entertained and get the crowd involved. If we can get the crowd involved we think they will enjoy it a lot more,” said Krista.

The young duo recognizes that they are likely to be viewed as role models, something that they embrace with open arms, “Being a role model is something we take very seriously, it is not just part of our music, but also with how we present ourselves, said Kendra. We want to be good role models for everyone. If we can be someone that someone else looks up to, then we are hopefully doing something right.”

The group stopped between each song to share an encouraging message to the Stanley students. The sisters wanted to make sure that the students weren’t afraid to dream, and also that they were aware of the resources that are available to help them achieve their goals. “We started our careers so young and for us it is knowing that if you have a goal or a dream in mind that you can achieve it. As we leave these schools, we want them to know that they have the resources available through the Bank of North Dakota to help them reach those goals, said Kendra. We really want them to know that whatever they set their mind to they can accomplish. We mainly want them to have a positive outlook on life.”

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Tigirlily has started to develop a strong following over the last couple of years. However, that success didn’t come overnight. It took the talent duo years of hard work to get to their current level of success. “We started doing YouTube videos about 6 years ago and from that it really took off. We have been Tigirlily for over four years now and have been touring ever since. We have also been doing a lot of writing and recording, so we have been busy, said Kendra and Krista. “It was kind of a gradual build up, our video of the song called “North Dakota”, that we did for the state, gave us statewide support. Over the last year we have performed in New York, Dallas, and Nashville. In addition, we have been branching out nationally and even internationally with our media sites.”

Their recent success outside of North Dakota is a strong indication that the band is starting to find their seat at the music industry table, and the band is looking to keep their recent momentum going with some upcoming releases. “We have seen a rapid growth over the last two years with releasing music. We were just in Nashville not too long ago recording music, and we are getting ready to release some new songs shortly, said Krista. We were also doing music videos and writing while we were down there. We just want it to keep growing and take our fans along for the ride. We are really excited to work on Tigirlily and see where it takes us for the next few years, we are just getting started.”

The girls remain grounded despite their recent success, they will be playing a couple more concerts in their home state this holiday season, “We have a couple of concerts coming up next month, the Friday after Thanksgiving we will be in Bismarck, and the day after we will be in Valley City,” said Kendra.

Kendra and Krista were quick to credit the rest of their family for helping them with their journey. “We couldn’t do this without the support of our family”.

Tigirlily has all of the necessary tools to make some serious waves in the music industry. The duo not only possesses prodigious talent, the young ladies are both excellent role models with a supportive family structure. The future looks very bright for the young duo from North Dakota.

You can follow Tigirlily on any of the following social media platforms and also on their website:

Instagram- Tigirlily

Twitter- @Tigirliliy

Facebook- Tigirlily

Youtube- Tigirlily

iTunes- Tigirlily

Website: Tigirlily.com


Ian Grande is the editor of the Stanley Gazette, you can contact him at StanleyGazette@gmail.com


Special shout out goes to Sarah Sorenson at the Stanley High School for helping to coordinate the concert as well as all of the festivities this week!


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