Velva Invitational Wrestling Tournament: Complete Results

Velva- The Stanley Blue Jay Wrestling Team competed in the Velva Invitational Tournament on Saturday.

Here are the complete team and individual results for the tournament:

Final team standings from Velva Invitational Tournament:

  1. Bishop Ryan       248.0
  2. Carrington           229.5
  3. Beulah-Hazen    204.5
  4. Velva                     181.0
  5. Rugby                   144.0
  6. Northern Lights 113.5
  7. Watford City      93.0
  8. Mondak               84.0
  9. Stanley                 82.0
  10. Harvey                  66.5
  11. New Town          65.0
  12. Tioga                     63.0
  13. Kenmare             58.0
  14. Larimore              38.0
  15. Burke Central    15.0
  16. Alexander           10.0


Final individual results from Velva Invitational Tournament:

106 Results

1st Place – Chase Burke of Bishop Ryan

2nd Place – Brecken Lura of Carrington

3rd Place – Trevor Hoggarth of Carrington

4th Place – Isaac Felchle of Harvey

5th Place – Robert Norman of Larimore

6th Place – Adin Jungers of Beulah-Hazen

7th Place – Aden Jensen of Rugby

8th Place – Elizabeth Massine of Velva

9th Place – Morgan Marlow of Carrington

10th Place – Gattlin Ledoux of Bishop Ryan


113 Results

1st Place – Riley Zachmeier of Rugby

2nd Place – Conner Ledoux of Bishop Ryan

3rd Place – Ethan Wonser of Tioga

4th Place – Kersey Harris of Bishop Ryan

5th Place – John Lunday of Northern Lights

6th Place – Canvas Sanders of Tioga

7th Place – Logan Berg of Mondak

8th Place – Dawson Sessing of Stanley

9th Place – Connor Azure of Northern Lights


120 Results

1st Place – Jeremy Leintz of Beulah-Hazen

2nd Place – Braedon Gumke of Watford City

3rd Place – Kaydin Meiers of Stanley

4th Place – Ethan Winick of Bishop Ryan

5th Place – Trey Bright of Velva

6th Place – Raymond Boelter of Mondak

7th Place – Jynnea Peterson of Harvey


126 Results

1st Place – Lucas Geiszler of Carrington

2nd Place – Liam Shannon of Watford City

3rd Place – Brandon Snyder of Beulah-Hazen

4th Place – Lyle Lunday of Northern Lights

5th Place – Tate Hoggarth of Carrington

6th Place – Cody Rudolph of Stanley

7th Place – Luke Voorhies of Bishop Ryan

8th Place – D`Marco Land of Mondak

9th Place – Cameron Taylor of Tioga

10th Place – NIkki Scheer of Beulah-Hazen



132 Results

1st Place – Austin Hendrickson of Carrington

2nd Place – Brady Volk of Rugby

3rd Place – Murphy Lipp of Bishop Ryan

4th Place – Lathan Stroklund of Kenmare

5th Place – Derek Faul of Harvey

6th Place – Braetyn Yanigh of Velva

7th Place – Trent Anderson of Stanley

8th Place – Hugo Garcia of Tioga

9th Place – Jayden Ybarra of Alexander

10th Place – Rylan Sago of Beulah-Hazen

11th Place – Trey Polka of Watford City


138 Results

1st Place – Joey Berg of Rugby

2nd Place – Joseph George of New Town

3rd Place – Kaleb Beeter of Bishop Ryan

4th Place – Ethan Lagge of Beulah-Hazen

5th Place – Bransyn Yanish of Velva

6th Place – Payton Witt of Kenmare

7th Place – Zachary Magnuson of Carrington

8th Place – Gavin Parisien of Northern Lights

9th Place – Jacob Lawson of Harvey


145 Results

1st Place – Zach Broadwell of Carrington

2nd Place – Tyler Hoggarth of Carrington

3rd Place – Elijah Hackman of Velva

4th Place – Michael Thomas of Velva

5th Place – Antonio Garcia of Watford City

6th Place – Trevor Harstad of Stanley

7th Place – tyler burtch of Kenmare

8th Place – Darrion Wilson of Northern Lights

9th Place – Austin Steffen of Larimore

10th Place – Logan McRoy of Bishop Ryan

11th Place – Kristian Ketchum of Bishop Ryan


152 Results

1st Place – Brady Davis of Carrington

2nd Place – Michael Schlosser of Kenmare

3rd Place – Ethan Myers of Mondak

4th Place – Trystin Horning of Northern Lights

5th Place – Maels Avila of Burke Central

6th Place – Tyler Seaburg of Carrington

7th Place – Landon Rost of Rugby


160 Results

1st Place – Tyler Erickson of Beulah-Hazen

2nd Place – Kaden Jaeger of Rugby

3rd Place – Jon Thomas of Velva

4th Place – Alex Charette of Northern Lights

5th Place – Justin Smith of Stanley

6th Place – Cody Luck of Bishop Ryan

7th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached

8th Place – Cole Dauphinais of Bishop Ryan

8th Place – Austin Schreiner of Velva

9th Place – Monty Salsbury of Mondak


170 Results

1st Place – Kaden Wolsky of Carrington

2nd Place – Tyrel Mellmer of Beulah-Hazen

3rd Place – Brock Selzler of Velva

4th Place – Cody Ruden of Stanley

5th Place – Hayden Schall of Bishop Ryan

6th Place – Brandon Ledahl of Mondak

7th Place – Hobie Chavez of Northern Lights

8th Place – Nicholas Lyman of Carrington

9th Place – Sheyenne Thomas of Northern Lights

10th Place – DJ Windsor of Tioga

11th Place – Luis Barriga of Tioga


182 Results

1st Place – Damian Eslinger of Beulah-Hazen

2nd Place – Carsen Canfield of Tioga

3rd Place – Thomas Leintz of Beulah-Hazen

4th Place – Jaxon Lundeen of Bishop Ryan

5th Place – Jarret Bauer of Carrington

6th Place – Bryce Moen of Larimore

7th Place – Bryce Selzler of Velva

8th Place – Cameron Johnson of Tioga

9th Place – Trevor Larsen of Bishop Ryan

10th Place – Carlton Turnquist of Alexander

11th Place – Noah Swegarden of Stanley


195 Results

1st Place – Justin Helseth of Velva

2nd Place – Connor Dennis of Watford City

3rd Place – Garret Dove of Velva

4th Place – Cole Berg of Mondak

5th Place – Kaden Sago of Beulah-Hazen

6th Place – Collin Mertz of Harvey

7th Place – Brenden Daves of Bishop Ryan

8th Place – Bryon Klatt of Velva

9th Place – Zachary Grice of Harvey


220 Results

1st Place – Jordan Will of Bishop Ryan

2nd Place – Bronson Flynn of New Town

3rd Place – Max Defender of Northern Lights

4th Place – Bailey Lawson of Harvey

5th Place – David Schneibel of Rugby

6th Place – Tucker Renfrow of Larimore

7th Place – Skyler Meyer of Beulah-Hazen

8th Place – Josh Baumann of Burke Central

9th Place – Niki Abaglo of New Town

10th Place – Colton Buskness of Carrington


285 Results

1st Place – Keegan Henjum of Bishop Ryan

2nd Place – Kutter Blumhagen of Velva

3rd Place – Skylar White of Bishop Ryan

4th Place – Michael Dorr of Mondak

5th Place – Cody Malaterre of Northern Lights

6th Place – Tristin Jeannotte of Northern Lights

7th Place – David Johnson of New Town

8th Place – Yumar Garcia of Burke Central

9th Place – James Whealdon of Tioga

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