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Blue Jays compete in Kenmare Wrestling Tournament

Kenmare –  A trio of Stanley Blue Jays took home 2nd place finishes in the Kenmare Wrestling Tournament; Kaydin Meiers in the 120lb weight class, Cody Rudolph in the 126lb weight class, and Justin Smith in the 160lb weight class.

Here is a complete breakdown of all of the tournament action:

Kenmare Wrestling Tournament (Team Standings)
1. Killdeer – 143.0
2. Des Lacs – 133.0
3. Velva – 116.0
4. Rugby – 108.0
5. Northern Lights – 107.0
6. Watford City – 106.0
7. Tioga – 86.0
8. Mondak – 83.5
9. Stanley – 79.5
10. Kenmare – 39.0

Kenmare Wrestling Tournament (Individual Results)

106 Results
1st Place – Elizabeth Massine of Velva
2nd Place – Aiden Jensen of Rugby
3rd Place – Gunnar Mogen of Velva
4th Place – Tyler Erickson of Watford City

113 Results
1st Place – Ethan Wonser of Tioga
2nd Place – John Lunday of Northern Lights
3rd Place – Canvas Sanders of Tioga
4th Place – Logan Berg of Mondak

120 Results
1st Place – Braedon Gumke of Watford City
2nd Place – Kaydin Meiers of Stanley
3rd Place – Cameron Taylor of Tioga
4th Place – Riley Zachmeier of Rugby
5th Place – Trey Bright of Velva
6th Place – Nicholia Topolski of Kenmare

126 Results
1st Place – Liam Shannon of Watford City
2nd Place – Cody Rudolph of Stanley
3rd Place – Lyle Lunday of Northern Lights
4th Place – D`Marco Land of Mondak
5th Place – Cooper Kinden of Velva
6th Place – Elio Garcia of Tioga
7th Place – Dylan Tabbert of Tioga
8th Place – Saidee Nelson of Mondak

132 Results
1st Place – Joey Berg of Rugby
2nd Place – Dylan Tabor of Killdeer
3rd Place – Trent Anderson of Stanley
4th Place – Lathan Stroklund of Kenmare
5th Place – Weston Wahus of Des Lacs
6th Place – Trey Polka of Watford City
7th Place – Naomi Njos of Mondak
8th Place – Ben Krug of Mondak

138 Results
1st Place – Kaiden Bredahl of Des Lacs
2nd Place – Walter Winkler of Des Lacs
3rd Place – Antonio Garcia of Watford City
4th Place – Braetyn Yanigh of Velva
5th Place – Payton Witt of Kenmare

145 Results
1st Place – Coy Spooner of Des Lacs
2nd Place – John Tomjac of Killdeer
3rd Place – Bransyn Yanish of Velva
4th Place – Darrion Wilson of Northern Lights
5th Place – tyler burtch of Kenmare
6th Place – Nathan Ferm of Des Lacs
7th Place – Lyle Pedler of Des Lacs
8th Place – Keaton Brunelle of Tioga

152 Results
1st Place – Cole Dukart of Killdeer
2nd Place – Kaden Jaeger of Rugby
3rd Place – Colton Bartuska of Des Lacs
4th Place – Ethan Myers of Mondak
5th Place – Michael Schlosser of Kenmare
6th Place – Maels Avila of Burke Central
7th Place – Trystin Horning of Northern Lights
8th Place – Landon Rost of Rugby

160 Results
1st Place – Colton Miller of Des Lacs
2nd Place – Justin Smith of Stanley
3rd Place – Alex Charette of Northern Lights
4th Place – Monty Salsbury of Mondak

170 Results
1st Place – Tony Kluver of Killdeer
2nd Place – Jacob Ruden of Des Lacs
3rd Place – Bryce Selzler of Velva
4th Place – Brandon Ledahl of Mondak
5th Place – Hobie Chavez of Northern Lights
6th Place – Luis Barriga of Tioga

182 Results
1st Place – Dillan Jepson of Killdeer
2nd Place – Carsen Canfield of Tioga
3rd Place – Cameron Johnson of Tioga
4th Place – Madison Kampman of Des Lacs
5th Place – Cole Schneibel of Rugby
6th Place – Sheyenne Thomas of Northern Lights
7th Place – Noah Swegarden of Stanley
8th Place – Tyler Smith of Mondak

195 Results
1st Place – Connor Dennis of Watford City
2nd Place – David Jr. (DJ) Schneibel of Rugby
3rd Place – Cole Berg of Mondak
4th Place – Wyatt Hanson of Velva

220 Results
1st Place – Max Defender of Northern Lights
2nd Place – Tristyn Rutkowski of Watford City
3rd Place – Micheal Moreno of Killdeer
4th Place – Jerimiah Jespersen of Velva

220B Results
1st Place – Jayson Kurtz of Des Lacs
2nd Place – Zane Miller of Kenmare
3rd Place – Bryon Klatt of Velva

285 Results
1st Place – Nick Hodges of Velva
2nd Place – Michael Dorr of Mondak
3rd Place – Robert Logan of Tioga
4th Place – Curtis Hall of Killdeer
5th Place – Cody Malaterre of Northern Lights
6th Place – James Whealdon of Tioga
7th Place – Tristin Jeannotte of Northern Lights
8th Place – Dillon Froshaug of Velva


– Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. For any questions or to report scores/stats please email StanleyGazette@gmail.com

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