Blue Jays advance to Lions Tournament Finals

Stanley – The Stanley Blue Jays took home a convincing 87-52 win over the Ray Jays in the semifinals of the Stanley Lions Tournament.

The win sets up a rematch against the Berthold Bombers, the defending champions of the Stanley Lions Tournament.

The Blue Jays showed some frustration early on, but that frustration would soon give way to excitement as the Hanson duo (Wyatt and Kaedyn) started rocking the rim on the routine. The cousins combined for 39 points to lead the Blue Jays.

The Hansons were excellent tonight but the Blue Jays were far from a 2 man show, senior Logan Aadnes had a few highlight reel caliber assists to go along with his 12 points. Seth Hetzel, Ryan Nesheim, and Matt Patten got into the act as well. Riley Iverson stepped up and took a charge that gave the Blue Jays a spark, the senior also added 5 points.



Rayne Mcintosh, Roderick Mcintosh, and Quadye Lee also got on the score sheet, demonstrating the kind of depth that the Stanley Blue Jays have.


You can watch a replay of both semifinal games here: Live Video Feed: Stanley Blue Jays vs. Ray Jays Basketball

Stanley will face the Berthold Bombers tomorrow at approximately 7:15pm. That game will be live streamed right here on the Stanley Gazette.

For more video highlights: Stanley Blue Jays vs. Ray Jays (Video Highlights)

Stanley Lions Tournament Recap and Video Highlights (Day 3)

Stanley: 19 24 23 21 (87)

Ray: 19 12 11 10 (52)

Stanley- W. Hanson 23, K. Hanson 16, Aadnes 12, Hetzel 8, Nesheim 8, Patten 7, Iverson 5, Rayne Mcintosh 4, Roderick Mcintosh 2, Lee 2

Ray- Nelson 14, Hodenfield 12, Hayes 8, Cvancara 6, Hale 5, Hill 4, Vaill 3

Make sure to check out: Stanley Lions Tournament Pictures (Day 3)

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