Stanley Youth Clubs to get new webpages on Stanley Gazette

Happy New Year to all! One exciting announcement as we head into 2017:

The Stanley Gazette will be creating webpages for each of the youth athletic/academic/ag clubs (i.e peewee football, youth basketball, FFA, and any other Stanley club).

This will provide those organizations a free platform to keep current members informed on events as well as provide another avenue for potential new members to find information and pertinent contact information. The club webpages will be available in a new (under construction) section of the Stanley Gazette website.

If you are involved with organizing any of the local clubs (in season or out of season) could you please reach out via email to

We will be looking for schedules, contact information, and a summary of that individual club. If you have media we can also integrate that into the webpage as well.

Please help spread the word, we will be working on these pages over the next week or so.

– Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. For any questions or to report any other updates please email

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Stanley, North Dakota youth clubs pages.

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