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Stanley Commercial Club Annual Banquet, Q&A with Jenny Gaaskjolen

Stanley – The Stanley Commercial Club is hosting their annual meeting/banquet this Friday. The Stanley Gazette was able to catch up with the president of the Stanley Commercial Club, Jenny Gaaskjolen to get a run down about the annual meeting. She also shared her thoughts on the exciting events that Commercial Club planned last year, and the club’s goals for this year.

Stanley Gazette:  Last year was an exciting year for the Stanley Commercial Club, what are some highlights that stick out to you?

Jenny Gaaskjolen: 2016 was a great year for the Stanley Commercial Club! We saw a 15% increase in membership which is amazing considering the economic climate of western ND.

We added yet another successful event, Beerfest, which brought more than 300+ to Stanley and was an awesome promotional opportunity for our members.

2016 was the debut of the Farmers Market and Harvest Fest which again brought people to Stanley and is a great addition to the quality of life.

The Commercial Club also launched the Stanley First! Campaign to bring awareness to the benefits of shopping local.

In addition, we saw the install of 2 new Welcome to Stanley monument signs! 3 years in the waiting! Thank you again to Enbridge, Target Logistics and the Economic Development Council for the funding on that project.

SG: How are you guys feeling going into 2017, and what are some things that the citizens of Stanley can expect to see?

JG: I am excited! We will continue to build on the projects and events in 2016. You will see more of Stanley First! Think Local. Buy Local. Be Local.  We are so excited about this campaign and the potential benefits.  Not only for the huge direct benefit to our members, but for Stanley as a whole, the Hospital, Parks & Rec, Infrastructure (snow removal;) etc.

Shopping local will not only help our existing businesses thrive but also attract new businesses and keep Stanley on the track of being a destination place for neighboring towns.

We have 2017 Beer Fest scheduled for March 17th, Farmers Market will pick back up in June and we have great things planned again for the 4th of July!

SG: Do you guys have any specific goals that you are hoping to accomplish this year?

JG: Engaging more new members, increasing participation among existing members, develop a website & continue to bring & keep people in Stanley by advertising and hosting promotional events.

SG: The Stanley Commercial Club has their annual meeting/banquet on Friday, could you elaborate on what that is about and what we can expect to see? description of the annual meeting?

JG: The Annual Meeting and Banquet is an event hosted by the Commercial Club as a thank you to existing members and a welcome to new members with a little business on the side. It is a nice evening with a catered meal, drinks, giveaways, board elections, speaker and awards. We are thrilled this year to be hosting at the Sibyl Center, with Pinnacle catering the meal and the Leader bar providing the drinks. We are excited to welcome David Martin, the State Director of the Small Business Development Center as our Guest Speaker.  We will also be awarding the “Above & Beyond” Award for the second year to one of the following nominees – Ward Heidbreder, Mike Hynek, & Don Longmuir. If anybody, current or prospective member, is interested in attending, please RSVP to commercialclub@midstatetel.com


Stanley Commercial Club Annual Meeting & Banquet


Friday January 20th  (6pm-9pm)


Sibyl Center

301 1st St. SW

Stanley, North Dakota

How do I RSVP?

RSVP to CommercialClub@Midstatetel.com


– Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. For any questions or to report any scores please email StanleyGazette@gmail.com

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