Stanley Public Schools: Announcement on weather related make-up days

“Stanley Public Schools will be having school on Friday, February 17 and Monday, April 17. On the school calendar they are shown as days off, but they were the two storm make-up days built into our calendar.
So far this year we have had two full days of school canceled and 4 late starts for a total of 7 ½ hours in late starts – 3 days with a 2 hour late start and 1 day with a 1 ½ hour late start.
Our school day is longer than required by the state so we get one grace day that we don’t have to make up. Therefore we currently have one full day and 7 ½ hours to make up. February 17 will be our make-up day for the day that was canceled. As our school day is 6 ½ hours long, April 17 will make up most of our 7 ½ hours. However, we will also be extending our school day by ½ hour two days this spring to make up the remaining hour.
Please know that if we have more late starts or canceled days this winter we will have to make up that time as well. We will have to either extend our school day or use some of the other scheduled days off to make up the time.”
– Stanley Public Schools Superintendent Tim Holte

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