Ranchers, Blue Jays brace for important tilt

Powers Lake vs. Stanley Blue Jays (Preview)

The Stanley Blue Jays travel up to Powers Lake to take on the Ranchers tonight at (7pm).

The Ranchers come into the game with a 9-3 record, while the Blue Jays are 7-8 on the season. The Ranchers prevailed in the semifinals of the Tioga Tip-Off Tournament (53-39), the only meeting between the two teams this season.

Live Stream Link: Stanley Blue Jays vs. Powers Lake Ranchers (Live Stream)

A win for the Ranchers tonight would pretty much seal up the District 16 regular season crown, with only Tioga standing in their way of finishing at 5-1 (The Ranchers hold the head to head tie-breaker over the Ray Jays). The Ranchers only District 16 loss came against Divide County in a one point game, the Ranchers face Divide County on Saturday in another 1 point game (If teams only play once during the season the game is worth 2 points, if they play twice, each game is worth 1).

A win for the Blue Jays tonight would make things a bit more interesting, with the Blue Jays finishing with a 4-2 conference record. This would open the door for Ray to claim the top spot.

Abby Iverson (Photo by Ian Grande)

Another big matchup tonight is Kenmare vs. Ray. If the Ray Jays can win tonight they will lock be able to lock up a top 2 seed tomorrow with a win over Tioga.

We will have a full recap of tonight’s Powers Lake game following its conclusion.

Here is a look at the remaining District 16 Girls Basketball games:

Powers Lake vs. Stanley (1-26)

Kenmare vs. Ray (1-26)

Kenmare vs. Burke County (1-26)

Tioga vs. Ray (1-27)

Burke County vs. Tioga (1-30)

Burke County vs. Divide County (1-31)

Powers Lake vs. Tioga (1-31)

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