Meiers picks up 4th place at East-West Tournament

New Salem – Stanley Blue Jay senior Kaydin Meiers picked up 4th place at the  East-West Tournament in New Salem.

Other Blue Jay placers were Colten Rudolph (6th) and Trevor Harstad (8th).

Here are the full individual results from the tournament:

106 Results

1st Place – Clay Gerhardt of New Salem-Almont

2nd Place – Kersey Harris of Bishop Ryan

3rd Place – Kyle Alfson of Hillsboro-Central Valley

4th Place – Isaac Felchle of Harvey

5th Place – Andrew Hoff of LaMoure

6th Place – Adin Jungers of Beulah-Hazen

7th Place – Brecken Lura of Carrington

8th Place – Grant Schneider of South Border


113 Results

1st Place – Jeremy Leintz of Beulah-Hazen

2nd Place – Riley Zachmeier of Rugby

3rd Place – Coy Awender of Oakes

4th Place – Tayt Wolding of New Salem-Almont

5th Place – Mason Defoe of Hettinger-Scranton

6th Place – Conner Ledoux of Bishop Ryan

7th Place – Jacoby Mattern of Bowman County

8th Place – Matt Anderson of Hillsboro-Central Valley


120 Results

1st Place – Kyle Burwick of Hettinger-Scranton

2nd Place – Alex Madrigal of Bowman County

3rd Place – Austin Burgard of Oakes

4th Place – Kaydin Meiers of Stanley

5th Place – Braedon Gumke of Watford City

6th Place – Reed Edwardson of Napoleon

7th Place – Gavin Wright of Hillsboro-Central Valley

8th Place – Hunter Schultz of Lisbon


126 Results

1st Place – Lucas Geiszler of Carrington

2nd Place – Chauncey Dittus of New Salem-Almont

3rd Place – Darin Vangorkom of South Border

4th Place – Liam Shannon of Watford City

5th Place – Brackin Awender of Oakes

6th Place – Lyle Lunday of Northern Lights

7th Place – Brandon Snyder of Beulah-Hazen

8th Place – Levi Lang of Napoleon


132 Results

1st Place – Braydin Jangula of Napoleon

2nd Place – Josh Irwin of New Salem-Almont

3rd Place – Jared Kaseman of South Border

4th Place – Cale Schalesky of Hettinger-Scranton

5th Place – Austin Hendrickson of Carrington

6th Place – Joey Berg of Rugby

7th Place – Walter Winkler of Des Lacs-Burlington

8th Place – Jordan Sours of Lisbon


138 Results

1st Place – Garrett Jangula of Napoleon

2nd Place – Elijah Hackman of Velva

3rd Place – Tyler Hoggarth of Carrington

4th Place – Colton Bartuska of Des Lacs-Burlington

5th Place – Jake Herr of South Border

6th Place – Kaleb Beeter of Bishop Ryan

7th Place – Ethan Lagge of Beulah-Hazen

8th Place – Trevor Harstad of Stanley


145 Results

1st Place – Ethan Elijah of Lisbon

2nd Place – Jacob Bitz of Napoleon

3rd Place – Mark Jochim of South Border

4th Place – Coy Spooner of Des Lacs-Burlington

5th Place – Mathew Carlson of Bowman County

6th Place – Alec Andress of Hettinger-Scranton

7th Place – Logan Sell of Oakes

8th Place – Michael Thomas of Velva


152 Results

1st Place – Konner Beeter of Bishop Ryan

2nd Place – Jon Thomas of Velva

3rd Place – Kaden Jaeger of Rugby

4th Place – Cole Dukart of Killdeer

5th Place – Nathan Weigel of Napoleon

6th Place – Jacob Ruggles of Bowman County

7th Place – Dalton Aabrekke of Lisbon

8th Place – Lane Doll of New Salem-Almont


160 Results

1st Place – Luke Hastings of Hillsboro-Central Valley

2nd Place – Ethan Anderson of Hettinger-Scranton

3rd Place – Dalton Reinke of Lisbon

4th Place – Tyler Erickson of Beulah-Hazen

5th Place – Clayton Mattern of Bowman County

6th Place – Cole Dauphinais of Bishop Ryan

7th Place – Christopher Schmit of Oakes

8th Place – Austin Schreiner of Velva


170 Results

1st Place – Jordan Urbach of Lisbon

2nd Place – Mark Hastings of Hillsboro-Central Valley

3rd Place – Issac Anderson of Hettinger-Scranton

4th Place – Kaden Wolsky of Carrington

5th Place – Tyrel Mellmer of Beulah-Hazen

6th Place – Carsen Canfield of Williams County

7th Place – Brock Selzler of Velva

8th Place – Clark Thielges of South Border


182 Results

1st Place – Soren McDaniel of Lisbon

2nd Place – Dillan Jepson of Killdeer

3rd Place – Connor Dennis of Watford City

4th Place – Kobe Murphy of Standing Rock

5th Place – Corbin Okeson of Bishop Ryan

6th Place – Colton Rudolph of Stanley

7th Place – Landon Smith of LaMoure

8th Place – Jarret Bauer of Carrington


195 Results

1st Place – Justin Helseth of Velva

2nd Place – Spencer Schwab of Lisbon

3rd Place – Rope Smith of Killdeer

4th Place – Jake Connelly of Hillsboro-Central Valley

5th Place – Beau Jeffers of Bowman County

6th Place – David Jr. (DJ) Schneibel of Rugby

7th Place – Thomas Leintz of Beulah-Hazen

8th Place – Paul Abrahamson of Hettinger-Scranton


220 Results

1st Place – Jordan Will of Bishop Ryan

2nd Place – Jacob Schalesky of Hettinger-Scranton

3rd Place – Riley Molter of South Border

4th Place – Max Defender of Northern Lights

5th Place – Bronson Flynn of New Town

6th Place – Kutter Blumhagen of Velva

7th Place – Bailey Lawson of Harvey

8th Place – Josh Baumann of Burke Central


285 Results

1st Place – Bradee Schroeder of Carrington

2nd Place – Jarod Roth of Oakes

3rd Place – Jackson Faller of Watford City

4th Place – Robert Logan of Williams County

5th Place – Taylon Sad of Lisbon

6th Place – Seth Owens of Hillsboro-Central Valley

7th Place – Tristen Peterson of Bowman County

8th Place – Curtis Hall of Killdeer

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