Attention Readers: Correction to article “Stanley High School bond vote looms, here are some things to know”

ATTENTION READERS: Prior to tonight’s School Board Meeting some important details were brought to my attention regarding the cost of the Elementary School Addition that directly contradicted what I had published in an article on Saturday. The Stanley Gazette was started with the primary goal of bringing readers in the Stanley area the most accurate and up to date information by the quickest means possible. It appears as though I failed on that front in one of my recent articles. I will clarify, but I would first like to apologize to anyone who was misled by the incomplete information.
In regards to the Elementary Addition: The total project cost and the square footage of the addition that were previously reported are accurate.

***However the price per square figure of $418 is NOT accurate and is much lower than originally reported due to a much high dollar amount being allocated towards renovations within that specific building round than originally thought.

Original article:  Stanley High School bond vote looms, here are some things to know

While I did say in the point out in the original article that the price per square foot was a little inflated due to other renovations that were rolled into that project round, some readers were misled. In light of the more detailed information that was brought forward, I fell that statement needed to be changed and an apology needed to be issued to any readers who were misled by that figure.

****Based off of this new information the Stanley Elementary Addition cost approximately $300/sqft, while the money spent on renovations is estimated at $200/sqft.

I refuse to blame anyone else for this mistake and will instead use this as a learning moment for myself. Again, I would like to apologize to anyone who was misled by the article in any way.

My goal has not wavered and I will continue to do my best to provide the most accurate information possible. In the event that I fall short of that goal, I will try my best to rectify the mistake.

Please help spread the word!

Also, if you missed the meeting there is an archived copy on the Stanley Gazette website in the Livestream post!

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