Update on Rep. Bill Oliver

Bismarck – As some of you may have heard Representative Bill Oliver from New Town (District 4) was recently hospitalized with a health scare. Rep. Oliver is doing better and would like to thank everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers.

Rep. Oliver would like to pass the following message on to anyone who is concerned:

“On Monday afternoon I began to feel dizzy while sitting at my desk in the House Chamber.  After finding my Blood pressure was extremely high, it was decided that there might be something more serious, and went to St. Alexis to be checked out.  But after being told my MRI showed no damage to my brain (the Dr. said that there was no brain to find), I fit the description of a true legislator.  But seriously,  it ends up being a very bad sinus cavity infection.  After treatment with IV antibiotics and some oral antibiotics, I will be fine.  Thank you to all concerned.  Serving all here in Bismarck.”

*Representative Bill Oliver serves on the Education Committee as well as the Agricultural Committee.  Rep. Oliver is planning on being in Kenmare on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 for a forum and meet and greet.

Rep. Bill Oliver

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