Basketball ND Style: Stanley Blue Jay Basketball Profile

Article by, Jarann Johnson (Basketball ND Style Editor)

Team Breakdown: Stanley 13-6, 8-4

Quick Profile: Continuity/Pattern Offense, Man-to-Man Defense, 1-8 Depth

Quality Wins: (4 total) vs. North Shore-Plaza 85-70; vs. North Shore-Plaza 82-57; vs. New Town 89-76; vs. Burke County 80-58.

Quality Losses: (6 total) vs. Berthold 76-68; @ Berthold 73-68, vs Powers Lake 57-53, vs DLB 70-61; @ Parshall 67-63; @ Kenmare 69-66.

Kaedyn Hanson (Photo by Ian Grande)

Stanley Basketball 

The Stanley Blue Jays are a talented team. They didn’t appear in the Class B Top 10 state media poll but North Dakota basketball fans should still learn more about this team.

Stanley has two players who can dunk at any time in juniors Kaedyn Hanson and Wyatt Hanson. Many Class B fans hear mythical stories of teams with multiple kids who could dunk but very few teams have two kids skilled enough to actually dunk in a game.

The Hanson boys have aerial skills and have shown them off this year – sometimes even dunking in the same game. Not many Class B schools have one player who can dunk in a game. Yet, Stanley has two kids who can dunk in a game and that is a big reason why they are a team to watch this postseason.

Six-foot-six junior Kaedyn Hanson lines up at center and draws the most attention. Stanley head coach Kory Anderson defined Hanson as an inside force.

“Kaedyn is obviously our guy in the paint. Kaedyn is a force inside. Defensively he alters a lot of shots for us,” Anderson said.

Wyatt Hanson is also an inside force but Anderson has decided to use Wyatt as his team’s defensive stopper. Anderson said he assigned Wyatt to opponent’s best offensive player the last few games.

“I have the last few games, especially if they are post players. It’s helped out a lot. He has really stepped up his defense the last two games playing the other team’s post players,” Anderson said.

Even though the Hanson boys draw a lot of the attention because of their size and skill there are other players on Stanley’s team who can hurt teams. Logan Aadnes, Matt Patten, and Ryan Nesheim are the starters who try to balance out Stanley’s attack.

Aadnes, a senior, is the starting point guard and excels at getting everybody involved with the offense.

“He is kind of our glue, our on the court leader. He’ll get after the guys at times. He is very, very unselfish. He could easily have double-digits. When he played for Tioga his sophomore year he was averaging about 16 points and now he is averaging under 10 because he dishes the ball so well,” Anderson said.

Nesheim, a senior, is tasked with….. Click here to read the entire article on the Basketball ND Style website.

*This article was submitted by Jarann Johnson, founder of Basketball ND Style. Make sure to check out Basketball ND Styles’s website for stories from around North Dakota.

– Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette, feel free to contact him at with any comments or concerns.

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