Local House Republican Representatives Crossover Update

Written by,  Mason Sisk (Assistant to the House Majority Leader)

Local House Republican Representatives Crossover Update: 

The midway point is upon us for the 65th legislative session. We’ve been busy with committee hearings and amending bills to make sure they are right for North Dakota. As always, we are committed to our republican principles. We are optimistic about the future of our state’s economy with an uptick in the oil industry and will continue to focus on priorities such as the justice system and mental health, transparency in government, taking care of those who need it – especially our elderly, and holding the K-12 education budget harmless.

Representative Bill Oliver (District 4) is a standing member of the agriculture and education committees. He has co-sponsored 8 bills including HB 1382. The bill calls for a legislative management study of the feasibility and desirability of a school choice program. The program would provide parents of students with options, funding, and support in selecting charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, or home schooling for their children. Representative Oliver feels strongly that education needs to be a priority.

Representative Terry Jones (District 4) is a member of the transportation and judiciary committees. He is the primary sponsor on 2 bills and co sponsored another 16. His knowledge of Agriculture and business practices has offered a great perspective on bills relating to these industries.

Representative Terry Jones


Representative Bert Anderson (District 2) is serving on the Human Services and Transportation committees and has sponsored 13 bills. HB 1290 relates to bids and plans and specifications for  public improvements and increasing the threshold from one hundred thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand. This bill failed to pass through the house. HB 1210 which establishes a cardiac ready community grant program. The primary purpose of the program is to support bystander, emergency responder, and community private public partnerships for strengthening community-based capacity for cardiac and stroke emergency response and risk reduction programs throughout the state. This passed unanimously through the House.

Representative Donald Longmuir (District 2) is serving on the Education and Political Subdivision committees and has sponsored 14 bills. HB 1333 which allows for exemptions of information regarding individuals applying for certain positions under the authority of the state board of higher education, passed with a narrow margin through the House. HCR 3013 that would require all high school seniors in the state to take either the ACT or the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery as a requisite for graduation and to receive a diploma and to require all high schools in the state to report the results of the assessments to the Superintendent of Public Instruction. This Resolution was not adopted.

*Mason Sisk is serving as the Assistant to the House Majority Leader.


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