Representative Bert Anderson: Legislative Update

Article by, Representative Bert Anderson (District 2)

We have reached the halfway point of the 65th Legislative Session. Bills which have passed in the House of Representatives now move to the Senate side, and Senate bills move to the House of Representatives. An amazing amount of time and effort by all Legislators goes into this process.

Some of the main topics addressed during this session include:

-K-12 Education Funding, which will remain at the current levels

-State employees will maintain their current salaries, as well as continuing to receive fully     funded health care coverage

-Cuts to our Long Term Care Facilities will be restored

A bill to provide insurance coverage for autism has passed in the House and will now transfer to the Senate for consideration. We are also working to improve access to Behavioral Health services, realizing treatment and not incarceration is the solution. A shared parenting bill was passed on the House side and will move on to be considered in the Senate., as well as a “Food Freedom Act” which would allow homemade food products to become accessible to the public.

Two second amendment rights bills were passed in the House. The first is a “constitutional carry bill” which allows for a person to carry a concealed fire arm, provided they are not otherwise prevented from having a Class 2 concealed carry license and have an ID issued by the Department of Transportation for at least a year. The second bill establishes a pilot program to be implemented during the 2017-2019 Biennium, allowing for an armed responder in schools. The bill would allow for ten schools to be a part of the pilot program.

Among the bills coming to the House from the Senate are the following:

-SB2344, which deals with medical marijuana

-SB2343, for campaign finance reform

-SB2206, dealing with county social services takeover

-SB2004 & SB2024, covering Breathe ND

With the second half of the Legislative Session before us, your District 2 Legislators will continue working hard for you. Our goal is to continue to make our corner of the state and all of North Dakota a great place to live, to do business and to raise a family.

Special visitors in Bismarck this week will include my daughter and our four grandchildren. It is never too early to expose children to the workings of state government! It would be a pleasure to host anyone for one of our floor sessions and answer any questions you might have about the process.

It is a privilege to be serving District 2 during this 65th Legislation session. Fell free to contact me should you have questions or thoughts to offer on any particular legislation. You can reach me by email at or by calling my cell phone, which is 701-641-1549.

*Representative Bert Anderson (District 2), Anderson currently serves on the Human Services and Transportation Committees.


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