Honkers edge Braves for berth in Region 8 Championship

Article by Ian Grande

Williston – It looked like the end of the road for the Kenmare Honkers when they  were trailing the Parshall Braves by 14 points with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, but the Honkers put together one of their patented runs to join the Stanley Blue Jays in the Region 8 Championship.

The Braves held an 11 point lead with 2.8 seconds left in the half, but the Honkers would convert 2 three point plays before the half was over. First, junior Jacob Rodin was fouled while converting a layup, he hit the ensuing free-throw. Immediately after that, senior Hunter Rodin stole the in-bounds pass and hit a 3-pointer as time expired to cut the lead to 5 points.

The Braves would rally in the 3rd quarter and appeared to have a firm grasp on the game once again until junior Billy Moran picked up his fourth foul halfway through the 3rd quarter, which sent him to the bench for an extended period. Senior Deyondre Simpson quickly joined Moran on the bench after picking up his 3rd and 4th fouls in rapid succession.

Moran and Simpson would not re-enter the game until early in the fourth quarter with the Braves nursing a small lead, but both would foul out before the halfway point of the fourth quarter, leaving the Braves scrambling for offensive options.

The rest of the Braves put up a valiant effort but Rodin and company were too much for the Braves bench.

Hunter Rodin finished with a game high 31 points.

The Honkers will face the Stanley Blue Jays in the Region 8 Championship at 2:30 on Saturday. The Braves will face the Powers Lake Ranchers at 1 pm.

Kenmare Honkers 4 20 14 26 (64)

Parshall Braves 16 13 16 10 (55)

Kenmare: H. Rodin 31, J. Rodin 16, Jesz 15, Holter 2

Parshall: Simpson 18, Foote 16, Moran 8, Jarski 7, Hart 3, Rabbithead 3

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