Sen. Jordan Kannianen: Legislative Update

This week was highlighted (or perhaps lowlighted) with the updated budget forecast released by the Office of Management and Budget. In comparison with the January forecast, revenues are down another $46 million for the current biennium and an additional $103 million for the ’17 – ’19 biennium. Things won’t get any easier, but it will all work out.

We’ve recently voted down some bills regarding history education. One bill would’ve required the reading of the Federalist papers (all 85 articles), while another would’ve instituted a legislative study to look at requiring history majors to take US history courses. While we certainly encourage the study of the Federalist papers, and most social studies teachers use selected articles from the Federalist Papers in their curriculum, it was felt that this mandate would’ve been way too onerous. As for the study of US history, it is already required for history majors, so further study wasn’t deemed necessary.

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HB 1283 passed the Senate and now goes to the Governor for his signature. It corrects some holes in the state scholarship program for college and CTE students. Currently, nursing and other students, who might only take around 6 credits some semesters due to internships, practicums and the like, become ineligible for the scholarship those semesters due to the requirement of maintaining a 15 credit load after freshman year. The bill that passed adjusts the requirement to have the scholarship hinge upon the number of credits completed at the end of any given semester (ex: 24 credits after disbursement two, 39 credits after three, etc.)  in order to grant the needed flexibility.

Senator Kanninan

The bill looking to repeal the Sunday closing laws (blue laws) for retailers will be before us next week. I certainly ask for comment on that bill.

Thank you for your communications and comments. I certainly welcome and need them. Have a great week!

*Jordan Kannianen is a Senator from District 4. Jordan serves on the Education and Political Subdivisions Committees.

– Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. If you have any comments or concerns please email


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