North Dakota House of Representatives: Weekly update

Written by,  Mason Sisk (Assistant to the House Majority Leader)

The House and Senate are nearing the end of committee work. The only bills left in committee are receiving their final amendments or are in the appropriations committee. These bills have committee members working overtime to find a place for each bill’s fiscal note within our tight budget for the next biennium.
Senate bill 2344, the bill for the implementation of medicinal marijuana across the state, was heard by the House Human Services committee on Wednesday. This bill adds changes to the Measure 5 Compassionate Care Act, that was passed on the ballot in November. These changes were added by the Legislature because of procedural, technical, and regulatory changes that were needed by state agencies and the office of the US Attorney General. No recommendation has come out of committee yet.
A house bill to allow North Dakotans to vote on allowing casinos across the state in the 2018 general election failed on the floor on March 23rd. This bill was widely debated across the state and amended from state owned casinos to a much shorter version that would have state regulated casinos. This bill was intentioned to allow voters be involved in the process if they would like to see casinos in the state.
Republicans in the Senate and House brought forward a bill that will bring more transparency to campaign finance contributions. This bill passed through the Senate at the end of February and is going through amendments in the House Government and Veteran Affairs committee. There will be a recommendation by the policy committee early next week and will be voted on the House floor shortly after.
The “Constitutional carry” bill that allows citizens to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, passed through the House prior to crossover and was on the floor of the Senate this week. The Senate also passed this bill with a margin of 34-13. The bill was on the Governor’s desk this week and Burgum signed it into law. North Dakota will be the 14th state to recognize permitless carrying.
We will be finishing policy bills this upcoming week and will begin conference committees the following week.

*Mason Sisk is serving as the Assistant to the House Majority Leader.

– Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. If you have any comments or concerns please email

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