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Season Preview: Stanley Blue Jay Baseball

Written by Cameron Lentz (Stanley Baseball Head Coach)

The 2017 Blue Jay Baseball season is underway! So far, we’ve had a rough start, due to weather, as mother nature teases us with beautiful weekends, and disappointing weekdays.

Our year started with a coaching staff change, with Brooks Staflsien stepping down from coaching to concentrate on his role as Athletic Director. I will now be stepping in as the new Head Coach of the Blue Jay Baseball team. This will be my third year with the team, but first as head coach. I’ve brought on Ian Grande to help with the team, with a strong focus on pitching and fundamentals.

DSC_4540 (2)

Cody Ruden (Photo courtesy of Donna Ruden)

The first two games on the schedule are supposed to be at home, but those games could be swapped for away games with those opponents if weather doesn’t cooperate. They could also be rescheduled later when better weather arrives.

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Key stat terms

ERA: Earned Runs Against, AB: At Bats, BA: Batting Average, OBP: On Base Percentage, Strikeouts: refers to batters struck out while pitching.


Logan Aadnes (Photo courtesy of Donna Ruden)

Key departures

We started off the year without Kellen Enget, our starting catcher and one of our pitchers, tearing his ACL in his last basketball game of his senior year. His injury resulted in him becoming a coach/manager of sorts. His knowledge helped Ryan Nesheim take over the catcher position flawlessly.

We also graduated two outfielders, Matthew Heidbreder and Dallas Lamping. Matthew played Center Field and had a BA of .364 with an OBP of .417 in 44 AB with 16 hits. Dallas played Right Field and had a BA of .333 with an OBP of .357 in 39 AB with 13 hits.

Key players coming back

1st baseman Mason Rice with a BA of .438 with an OBP of .451 in 48 AB with 21 hits.

Short Stop Kaydin Meiers with the highest batting average of .490 with an OBP of .569 in 49 AB with 24 hits and 18 stolen bases. Kaydin also lead the team in pitching stats with 30 strikeouts, only 5 walks and an ERA of 5.77.

Short Stop/2nd baseman Cody Ruden with a BA of .283 with an OBP of .358 in 46 AB with 13 hits and 5 stolen bases. Cody had 21 strikeouts 10 walks and an ERA of 6.52.

3rd Baseman/Catcher Ryan Nesheim with a BA of .385 with an OBP of .407 in 52 AB with 20 hits and 6 stolen bases. Ryan was also one of our pitchers with 2 stirkeouts and an ERA of 2.84.


Ryan Nesheim (Photo by Donna Ruden)

Team Forecast

Graduating the 5 seniors we had last year leaves us with a few open positions to fill, both in the field and in the batting order. We have quite a few younger players out for the team, and we’re hoping to have some of those players ready to step up to fill those positions. Our main infield is back, with 5 returning starters, Ryan Nesheim, Jared Anderson, Kaydin Meiers, Cody Ruden and Mason Rice. I’m confident we can find the right players for the positions and the batting line up, giving us a solid fielding and hitting team. We have a great group of guys that are ready to put Blue Jay Baseball on the map, and I’m confident this is our year to do it.

DSC_4443 - Copy

Kaydin Meiers (Photo by Donna Ruden)

Top competition

Lewis & Clark, DLB, MLS and Watford City. These 4 teams have been solid in the region for the past several years, and will again, be strong opponents this year.

*Cameron Lentz is entering his first year as head coach of the Blue Jays baseball team. Lentz been an assistant coach on the baseball and football team for the last three seasons.

*Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. Feel free to reach out with any comments/concerns (StanleyGazette@gmail.com)

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