Dean tabbed State FBLA President, Giese selected as Webmaster

Article by Ian Grande

Stanley – Travis Dean was elected President of the North Dakota FBLA organization on Tuesday.

The Stanley Blue Jay junior is a standout student, he is also a member of multiple of organizations and athletic teams.

Stanley FBLA adviser Kendra Evensvold thinks Dean is well prepared to take on this important role, “Travis has many qualifications for the position of President,” said Evensvold.  “He has completed all four levels of the Business Achievement Awards, the first level of the Community Service Awards, received first place in all his Individual State Events, first and sixth place at National FBLA Conferences, and he was the ND FBLA Treasurer for 2016-2017.”

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Dean and his classmates had to put in a lot time to prepare for the election. “With help from his campaign managers, Riley Iverson and Kaydin Meiers, Travis ran a successful campaign and was elected as the 2017-2018 State FBLA President,” said Evensvold.

Evensvold points out that Dean will have his hands full as FBLA President. “Travis’s duties as State President include appointing committees and committee chairpersons, conduct all State Officer meetings, lead the state officer team in planning the program of work and presenting at conferences, give the state report at the National Leadership Conference, and serve as a model representative for FBLA public relations,” said Evensvold.

Fellow junior Jasmyn Giese was named State Webmaster. She is excited about the opportunity to craft her skills before heading off to college. “As the Webmaster, I will be responsible for creating/maintain the webpage for the state FBLA website,” said Giese. “This will be an opportunity for me to gain valuable experience. I plan on being an event planner so this will give me the tools I need to be successful in my future endeavors.”

Evensvold thinks Giese will fit in well in her new position, “Having been an active FBLA member for four years she had many qualifications for this position,” said Evensvold. “She has created her own personal website, completed the first two levels of the Business Achievement Awards, and placed at state this year in her team event.”

Evensvold had more high praise for the newly elected state officers. “Service as an FBLA state officer is one of the ultimate achievements a member can attain and both of these individuals took their campaign very seriously, said Evensvold. “Travis Dean and Jasmyn Giese are two members who have really challenged themselves with FBLA this year. Travis had a long-term goal to become the State FBLA President and Jasmyn decided this spring to run for State Webmaster. I am immensely proud of both of them for challenging themselves and I look forward to working with them next year to see what new and exciting things they will bring to our local and state chapter. It was great to witness the support our chapter gave these two officers. I think it’s safe to say we are all proud to have two State Officers from Stanley!”

Travis Dean and Jasmyn Giese (Photo courtesy of Kendra Evensvold)

The Stanley Gazette was able to catch up with Travis Dean for a quick interview about his new position.

Stanley Gazette: Could you explain the process of becoming FBLA President?

Travis Dean: Before the conference starts, all candidates send in an application with a resume, letter of recommendation, and some priorities and goals. At the conference, candidates give their campaign speeches in front of voting delegates, chapter advisers, and other candidates. Later that day, candidates set up campaign booths to talk with voting delegates, advisers, and members. Finally, that night, voting is held with the candidates set up outside the room. At the closing session the following morning, the newly elected officers are announced at the very end of the presentation.

SG: What have you learned throughout your time with FBLA?

TD: FBLA has taught me so much the past few years. As an officer, I’ve learned the basics of campaigning, working on an officer team, and representing members. We’ve also had to develop a Program of Work and plan conferences. As a member, you can learn so much through competitive events, leadership development sessions, and guest speakers. Competitive events include anything from job interview and accounting to agribusiness and healthcare administration.

SG: How has Mrs. Evensvold helped guide you through this process?

TD: Mrs. Evensvold has been the guiding light for all of my years in FBLA. When I was a freshman, I managed a campaign for state webmaster, and that was when I was first introduced to the process of running for state office and how everything worked. She encouraged me to run the following year, and I was elected state treasurer in April of 2016. The next step of running for president was obvious to both of us, but she helped me design and order my materials, write and critique my speech, and even plan out my schedules for the conference. Without her help, I wouldn’t have been inspired to run for office in the first place!

SG: How are you planning to use this experience to help you achieve your future goals? What are those?

TD: This experience gives me a huge advantage in the college scene. FBLA is a well-known organization in the career and technical education world, and is highly respected at every level. The experience that I gain from being a state officer is valuable to any college and especially in my future career. My plans are to study Computer Science and Accounting at either the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities or Stanford. I also have some big plans for the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim this year, but those have to stay secret!


*Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. Feel free to reach out with any comments/concerns (

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