New Town/Parshall wins Stanley Golf Invitational

Stanley – The New Town/Parshall girls golf team took home first place at the Stanley Golf Invitational. Hope Froshaug of New Town/Parshall won the individual championship by 5 strokes.

Stanley junior Jasmyn Giese paced the Blue Jays with a 101. Mackenna Hanson also scored a 111 for the Blue Jays.

Team Totals

New Town/Parshall- 424
Watford City- 461
Stanley- 465
Des Lacs-Burlington- 476
Berthold- 504

Individual Leaders

Hope Fraushag- 93
Kendra Foreman- 98
Asha Vallarie- 100
Tamara Fox- 101
Jasmyn Giese- 101
Abby McCaully- 104

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