#HunterStrong 2: Faith leads the way to recovery

Article by Ian Grande

On June 6th the region was rocked by the news that recent Kenmare graduate Hunter Rodin had been severely injured in a car accident. Hunter had been thrown from his pickup during a collision with a semi-truck. Reports from the accident site made it pretty clear that Hunter was very lucky to be alive.

Hunter was immediately airlifted to the hospital, where his family received the horrifying news that Hunter had suffered a traumatic brain injury. News got out quickly that Hunter was fighting for his life. Almost immediately the region rallied to support the Rodin family through prayer.

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Hunter’s condition slowly improved over the next few days and on June 10th the Rodin family received the news that everyone had been praying for, Hunter had woken up.

Remarkably, the Rodin family stayed positive throughout the entire process, even when the circumstances looked bleak. After talking to Hunter, it became very clear to me that the Rodin family’s strength comes from their incredible faith:

Ian Grande: How has the road to recovery been going so far?

Hunter Rodin: “It has been great. I was in the hospital for nearly a month and I lost a lot of endurance after not doing much for a month. I have been taking hour long naps some days because I just got worn down fast. My endurance is getting back to normal, so I don’t need to nap as frequently, which is great. God has been great and the prayers from everyone have been working. God answers prayers, and all in all the road to recovery has been great.”

Ian Grande: The news of your accident traveled quickly and it seemed like the entire region was pulling for you.  How were you able to draw on that to aid in your recovery?

Hunter Rodin: “Well I knew a lot of people were praying for me and I know God can work miracles and that is what he did to me.”

Ian Grande: The people that know you the best were very quick to rave about your faith and character during the recovery process.  Obviously, your faith is something that you and your family leaned on heavily throughout the process. What is the foundation for your faith and how has this process strengthened your faith?

Hunter Rodin: “My family and I know that God is in control of every situation and knowing that has given me a peace that no matter what the situation is, God knows what is best for each of us.”

Ian Grande: You and your family seem like a tight knit group, especially you and your brother Jacob. How have they/him been able to help you throughout the process?

Hunter Rodin: “Yes we are really close. They have supported me throughout the way and have always been like that. Whenever I need help I can go to them, I know my family and Jacob are there for me.”

Ian Grande: You recently wrapped up a remarkable prep career where you were able to share the court/field with your brother. Looking back on that, you have to have some pretty great memories. Do any memories in particular stick out?

Hunter Rodin: “Making it deep into the playoffs for football was a blast spending it with some great teammates. Another great memory was throwing a lob to my brother and watching him dunk it during regionals.”

Ian Grande: You guys looked like you were always having a good time on the court. Especially when you two scored 6 points in 2.8 seconds to finish a half at the Region 8 tournament. How is the dynamic between you two when it comes to sports? Do you give each other advice or just let each other do their own thing?

Hunter Rodin: “We really don’t give each other advice. We have been playing with each other ever since I can remember. When it comes to varsity sports, we knew what each of us were going to do.”

Ian Grande:  I know that the accident probably put future plans on hold for a bit but have you had an opportunity to think about what you want your future to look like?

Hunter Rodin: “Right now I plan to go to Northland Community and Technical College to take up their farming program. Then after college, I plan to go and farm with my dad.”

***My final thoughts….Hunter still has some work to do to get back to 100% physically, but thanks to his strong character and deep faith, he is and has always been 100% mentally and spiritually. This young man’s future is bright.*** 

*Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. If you have any comments or concerns please email StanleyGazette@gmail.com

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