Ranchers top Blue Jays in District 16 volleyball action

Stanley – Thursday night’s game between the Stanley Blue Jays and the Power Lake Ranchers featured two of the top four teams in District 16. The winner would remain unbeaten and tied with the Kenmare Honkers atop the standings.

The two teams traded jabs in the first two sets with both teams taking a single set. Powers Lake senior Sydney Titus had a few devastating kills in the first set to lead the Ranchers. Stanley sophomore Jossi Meyer responded with a handful of her game high six blocks in the second set to spark the Blue Jays.

The Ranchers took the third set with ease and found themselves up 24-20 in the fourth set. The game would get interesting after the Blue Jays picked up four straight points to tie the game.

The Ranchers would pick up the next point to go up 25-24, setting the stage for junior Hanna Grubb to win the match with an ace.

Blue Jay junior Hayley Schmidt picked up a game high 15 kills.

The Ranchers move to 4-0 in section play with the win. They will travel to Tioga to take on the Pirates on Tuesday (26th).

The Blue Jays move to 2-1 in District 16 with the loss. They will travel to Watford City on Tuesday (26th).

Set Scores:

PL 25-23, Stanley 25-23, PL 25-16, PL 26-24


(Stanley) Schmidt 15, J. Meyer 10, Ruden 4, Giese 2

(PL) Titus 9, Fraunfelter 9, Eckert 4, Maruskie 3, Rystedt 3, Grubb 2, Bolen 1


(Stanley) Larson 15, Enander 15, Schmidt 15, J. Meyer 4, Dean 1

(PL) Rosencrans 20, Fraunfelter 18, Grubb 10, Titus 9, Maruskie 8, Rystedt 2, Eckert 2


(Stanley) Giese 20, Dean 18

(PL) Maruskie 18, Titus 7


(Stanley) J. Meyer 6, L. Meyer 1, Ruden 1

(PL) Titus 3, Maruskie 3, Rystedt 1

*Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. If you have any comments or concerns please email StanleyGazette@gmail.com

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