Stanley tops Ray in thrilling 5 set match

Ray – The Stanley Blue Jays picked up a thrilling come from behind victory over the Ray Jays in prep volleyball.

The Jays took the first two sets 25-21 and 25-20. The Blue Jays would win in the third set 25-20 to stay alive. The Blue Jays would win an exciting fourth set 29-27. The Blue Jays momentum carried over in the fifth set, propelling them to a 15-11 victory to complete the comeback.

Sophomore Jossi Meyer paced the Blue Jays offensively with 15 kills. Senior Jasmyn Giese picked up a team high 14 assists. Daphne Enander led the Blue Jay defense with 18 digs.

The Blue Jays will travel to Nedrose on October 3rd.

Set Scores: Ray 25-21, Ray 25-20, Stanley 25-20, Stanley 29-27, Stanley 15-11

Kills: J. Meyer 15, Schmidt 12, Ruden 7, L. Meyer 3, Dean 2, Vachal 2, Lee 1, Larson1

Assists: Giese 14, Dean 11, Enander 3, L. Meyer 1, Schmidt 1, Larson 1

Blocks: Meyer 4, Ruden 1

Aces: Schmidt 5, Salgado 3, Giese 2, Dean 1, Ruden 1

Digs: Enander 18, Schmidt 13, Giese 12, Larson 9, Vachal 3, Dean 3, Salgado 1

*Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. If you have any comments or concerns please email


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