North Dakota Class (A) State Football Playoff Preview

The North Dakota Class (A) State Football Playoffs will kick off on Saturday, October 21st.

North Dakota Class (A) State Football Playoff Preview:

#1 Hillsboro/Central Valley (8-0)


Westhope/Newburg/Glenburn (5-3)

Game notes:  Hillsboro dismantled defending champion Ellendale/Edgeley/Kulm two weeks ago, cementing their hold on the #1 spot. Hillsboro has outscored their opponents 333-38 this season.


Carrington (7-1)


Oak Grove (6-2)

Game notes: This could be one of the best first round matchups. Oak Grove feauters one of the top running backs in the State in Ben Hoggarth.


#4 Dickinson Trintity (6-1)


Stanley (4-4)

Game notes: Trinity dropped their season opener to Bowman County but they have been dominant since.  The Titans have surrendered total of two points in their last 6 games.


DLB (7-1)


Killdeer (6-2)

Game notes: The Lakers made it to the State Championship last season. The road back to the title game will be daunting. DLB’s only loss came on September 1st against Velva (18-7).

Stanley vs. DLB
Des Lacs-Burlington Laker senior Josh Knutson (Photo by Ian Grande)


#2 Velva (8-0)


Hazen (4-4)

Game notes: Velva has been dominate this season. The Aggies have outscored their opponents 366-26. They could meet Beulah in the second round, setting up a heavy weight battle in the round of 8.


Beulah (7-1)


Minot Ryan (6-2)

Game notes: Ben Bohl gives Bishop Ryan a shot but the Miners are tough. Outside of their loss to Dickinson Trinity, the Miners have outscored opponents 323-20.


Langdon (8-0)


Kindred (4-4)

Game notes: Langdon can fill up the score sheet. The Cardinals scored the most points (379) in the state this year.


Ellendale/Edgeley/Kulm (7-1)


Harvey (4-4)

Game notes: The EEK Thunder are the defending champions and have only one loss on their record (48-14 to H/CV). The Thunder feature one of the top players in the state in Clayton Gruenich.

*Click to enlarge bracket:

North Dakota Class A Football Bracket (2017)
North Dakota Class (A) State Football Playoff Bracket (2017)

*Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. If you have any comments or concerns please email


4 thoughts on “North Dakota Class (A) State Football Playoff Preview

  1. Please, please, please learn the difference between the words dominant and dominate. You’re a journalist for goodness sake!!

    Write the Right Word: Dominant vs. Dominate

    “Dominant” and “dominate” sound somewhat alike, but they can’t be used interchangeably.

    “Dominant” is an adjective, meaning it is used to describe a subject. It is defined as having or exerting authority or influence, or occupying or being in a commanding or elevated position. For example, “Wheat is the dominant crop in many parts of North Dakota.” “Which is the dominant gene?”

    “Dominate” is a verb. It means to rule over, have control of, tower over or overshadow. For example: “The instructor dominates the class.” “Successful leaders dominate events rather than react to them.”


    1. I appreciate you pointing out that error. On a side note, it is possible for someone to know the difference between the two words and simply make an error while writing/reviewing.


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