Blue Jays fly past Pirates in Lions Tournament

Stanley – The Stanley Blue Jays looked very impressive in their home opener against the Tioga Pirates.

The Blue Jays raced out to a 21-2 lead in the first quarter, but the Pirates would regain some ground in the second quarter.

However, it would be all Blue Jays in the 2nd half. The Blue Jays flexed their muscle and displayed their depth (10 players scored a basket for the Blue Jays). The Blue Jays put up a staggering 37 points in an impressive third quarter that featured a couple of sweet Wyatt Hanson alley-oops (see below). The first one came on a nice dish from junior Seth Hetzel, the second one was a dime from senior Matt Patten.

Senior Kaedyn Hanson was impressive on both ends, finishing with 21 points and a game high 15 rebounds.

The Blue Jays will play at approximately 6 pm on Thursday against Burke County.

See: Stanley Lions Basketball Tournament Bracket

If you missed it: Stanley Blue Jays vs. Tioga Pirates (Livestream)

Stanley 21 20 37 10 (88)

Tioga 2 24 10 9 (45)

Stanley Points: W. Hanson 24, K. Hanson 21, Patten 14, R. Hanson 8, Hetzel 6, McIntosh 6,  Dauwalder 3, Gunderson 2, Douglas 2, Omar 2

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