Letter: Thank you by Marcy Ketelson

Written by, Marcy Ketelson

With the New Year here, I reflect back on 2017.  That was a year filled with many ups and downs.  It was devastating in May to learn that my cancer had presented itself again after being inactive since May 2015. I was looking at a minimum of six months of treatment with chemotherapy every week.  Just when that news had been accepted and coped with, we get another blow.  The news at the of June beginning of July that this treatment was not working and the cancer was actually spreading faster.  Our family did not know what to expect of the rest of the year.

But then some dear friends of ours stepped up and helped us more than they could ever know.  A big thank you to Jim Wznick, Kathryn Schlosser, Ben Schafer and Angie Cancade.  They got together and worked like crazy to create an amazing event that helped up both emotionally and financially.  We had felt like transplants being new to the community only living here a little over two years.  These wonderful people reached out to us and organized an event that will forever change our lives.  The golf tournament at the Ray Golf Course was an incredible event.  We were overwhelmed by the number of people willing to golf in 44-degree weather to benefit our family.  We were stunned by all the people from Pinnacle, Ray Schools, Williston Schools and the surrounding communities.

We are truly blessed to have been touched so deeply by this experience.  We could say Thank You all year long and it would not begin to express how much we appreciate and are blessed by the wonderful benefit that was organized and supported so strongly for our family.  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Marcy Ketelsen currently works at Ray High School as a Business Teacher/FBLA Advisor.

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