Iverson eclipses 1000 career points in win over Ray (Video)

Stanley – Stanley Blue Jay senior Abby Iverson picked up her 1000th career point tonight against the Ray Jays.

The senior entered the game needing just four points to get to 1000. She made sure that she got to that number quickly.

Midway through the first quarter, Iverson took a Taylor Dean entry pass straight to the basket for the hoop and the harm. She would convert the layup to move within 1 point of 1000.

Iverson would surpass the career milestone a few minutes later when she nailed a pull-up jumper just inside the three point line.

The three sport standout wasn’t content with getting her 1000th point, she wanted much more. The senior ended with a game high 30 points in the Blue Jays 72-47 victory, one of the strongest games of her stellar prep career.

“Abby put in an incredible amount of time after her freshman season, and her game flourished as a result,” said Stanley coach Kelly Roemmich. “She is a great role model for the younger girls to follow. She wanted to get her game to the next level, so she put in the work. It has clearly paid off for her.”

Roemmich (who is also a member of the 1000 point club) thinks Iverson is just starting to hit her stride this season after battling some lingering injuries, “She was phenomenal tonight. I think she has a whole other level that she is about to bring her game to. I’m excited to see what she has in store the rest of the way”

Iverson joins Rachel Mehus (1,316 points), Courtney Egge (1,249 points), ReAnne Mehus (1053 points), Chai Pappa (1,010 points) and Mackenze Jarmin (Nohr) (1,007 points) as a member of the Stanley Girls Basketball 1000 point club.

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