Blue Jays pick up wins over Kenmare-Bowbells and Mon-Dak

Stanley – The Stanley Blue Jays picked up wins over Kenmare-Bowbells (42-33) and Mon-Dak (53-27) on Tuesday.

Stanley vs. Kenmare-Bowbells

106: Jaxson Holter (KEBO) over Justin Germundson (SPLT) (Fall 3:29)

113: Dawson Sessing (SPLT) over Andrew Christensen (KEBO) (Dec 7-0)

120: Xylis Holter (KEBO) over Stephen Sirois (SPLT) (Fall 1:52)

126: Wry Miller (KEBO) over (SPLT) (For.)

132: Leighton Tangsrud (SPLT) over Nicholia Topolski (KEBO) (Dec 8-6)

138: Trent Anderson (SPLT) over (KEBO) (For.)

145: Keyton Meiers (SPLT) over Sheldon Skar (KEBO) (Fall 4:19)

152: Payton Witt (KEBO) over Cody Rudolph (SPLT) (UTB 3-2)

160: Jake Hines (SPLT) over (KEBO) (For.)

170: Cody Ruden (SPLT) over (KEBO) (For.)

182: colter france (KEBO) over Hunter Hines (SPLT) (Fall 3:07)

195: Noah Swegarden (SPLT) over (KEBO) (For.)

220: josh baumann (KEBO) over (SPLT) (For.)

285: Jack Wilhelmi (SPLT) over (KEBO) (For.)



Stanley vs. Mondak Thunder

106: Justin Germundson (SPLT) over Austin Harbin (GWMT) (Fall 3:28)

113: Dawson Sessing (SPLT) over Olivia Christian (GWMT) (Fall 1:17)

120: Stephen Sirois (SPLT) over Ashden Christian (GWMT) (TF 20-5 5:25)

126: Logan Berg (GWMT) over (SPLT) (For.)

132: Leighton Tangsrud (SPLT) over (GWMT) (Fall 1:35)

138: D`marco Land (GWMT) over Trent Anderson (SPLT) (Dec 5-3)

145: Camden Reep (SPLT) over Theron Wood (GWMT) (Fall 3:30)

152: Cody Rudolph (SPLT) over Austin Richardson (GWMT) (Fall 5:06)

160: Cody Ruden (SPLT) over Ethan Myers (GWMT) (Fall 1:40)

170: Robert Cole (GWMT) over (SPLT) (For.)

182: Brandon Ledahl (GWMT) over Hunter Hines (SPLT) (Fall 0:12)

195: Cole Berg (GWMT) over (SPLT) (For.)

220: Noah Swegarden (SPLT) over Anthony Blankenship (GWMT) (Fall 1:51)

285: Jack Wilhelmi (SPLT) over Jackson Fuhrmann (GWMT) (Fall 0:12)

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