North Dakota Class B Boys State Basketball Tournament Bracketology

North Dakota Class B Boys Basketball Tournament Bracketology

The Class B Boys Basketball Bracket will be revealed tonight around 8 pm.

Update: 2018 North Dakota Class B Boys Basketball State Tournament Bracket

We will post the bracket on the Gazette as soon as it becomes available. 

Here is some information on how the bracket is formed:

The top five teams will be seeded. The last three teams will be randomly assigned to face the #1, #2, or #3 seeded teams.

The Blue Jays will be seeded (barring something unforeseen), it is a little up in the air as to where in the top five they will be seeded but it will likely be either #3 or #4.

My guess is the seeds will go like this:

#1 Hillsboro/CV (23-1)

#2 St. John (23-1)

#3 Stanley (22-2)

#4 Minot Ryan (23-2)

#5 Carrington (22-2)

Rest of the field: Wyndmere/Lidgerwood (21-2), Beulah (20-4), Shiloh Christian (19-5)

The Blue Jays could slip as low as 4th, but I think their wins over Our Redeemers and Shiloh Christian will help their case for a top three seed. Having a likely Mr. Basketball finalist (Wyatt Hanson) on the roster should help as well.

St. John also has a likely Mr. Basketball Finalist (Kyler McGillis) and Hillsboro/CV is the defending state champion. They are pretty much a lock to be the top two seeds.

Side notes: Hillsboro/CV, St. John, Stanley, and Minot Ryan all spent time at #1 during the season.

The field is pretty loaded, with all eight of the teams spending time in the top ten at some point this year.

Last year the Blue Jays weren’t seeded, they drew #1 seeded Four Winds/Minnewauken in the first round.

*Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. If you have any comments or concerns please email

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