Class B State Tournament: Morsette is the “GOAT”

Article by Ian Grande

This year’s North Dakota Class B Basketball Tournament was full of great story lines. One of the best was the story of Beulah’s Chad Morsette.

No, Morsette wasn’t named to the All-Tournament team. As a matter of fact, the junior didn’t even touch the floor the entire tournament, but he still managed to leave a lasting impact on his Beulah teammates.

Morsette would have been one of the top basketball players in Region 7 this season, but he was forced to miss the entire season after tearing his ACL during the football playoffs.

You may have seen the signs at the State Tournament that read, “Morsette is the GOAT”.

Here is the story behind the signs:

It is pretty clear that Chad Morsette is widely respected by coaches and staff members at Beulah High School. One of Morsette’s biggest supporters is Beulah Track and Field coach Mary Hoherz.

Despite Morsette’s limited experience as a thrower, Hoherz jumped at the opportunity to have him mentor one of the other javelin throwers, “His first season ever throwing he missed going to state by one foot,” said Hoherz. “I told him to continue to come to practice because I had a girl javelin thrower qualify for state and wanted him there to help her. He is a giving person, he gave up his time to help her out and she took 4th place at state.”

Chad Morsette (Photo courtesy of Mary Hoherz)
Chad Morsette (Photo courtesy of Mary Hoherz)

“Last fall he competed in cross-country and football (for the first time) and excelled in both,” said Hoherz.

Unfortunately for Morsette his junior football season didn’t end the way he hoped, but he remained positive despite the devastating injury to his ACL.

When basketball season rolled around Hoherz had some advice for Morsette, “You’re the Goat,” said Hoherz. “There is two kinds of Goats. One kind of goat keeps race horses calm, which allows them to focus on their job. The second is The Greatest of All Time. You’re both.”

Not being able to play all season was tough for Morsette, who was expected to be one of the top players in Region 7, but he stuck with the team and tried to maintain a positive attitude throughout the season.

The Miners would find themselves on the right side of a double overtime thriller in the Region 7 Championship (against Dickinson Trinity).

It was a bittersweet moment for Morsette who was right there on the bench the entire season cheering his teammates on, “He was happy for the boys but was in tears,” said Hoherz.

He knew that the Miners would forge on to Bismarck, but he still wouldn’t be able to help the team out on the floor.

Hoherz was once again the calming influence that Morsette needed in that emotional moment. She calmly walked over and said, “You’re the Goat. Lead your team Chad. Get these boys ready. They need you. Be the Goat.”

If you watched the Beulah Miners, you likely say Morsette keeping his team calm throughout the entire tournament.

The Miners were narrowly defeated (55-50) by the eventual state champions Hillsboro/Central Valley in the opening round, but Morsette helped rally the troops, helping the Miners claim fifth place.

Beulah vs. Shiloh Christian (Photo by Ian Grande)
5th place game: Beulah vs. Shiloh Christian (Photo by Ian Grande)

Morsette will likely be back to full strength for his senior year, but even if he isn’t, he has shown he can make a positive impact with his presence.

“He is the goat,” said Hoherz. “He is The Greatest of All Time.”

*Ian Grande is the Editor of the Stanley Gazette. If you have any comments or concerns please email

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