The Stanley Gazette was launched in 2015. Our goal is to provide access to local sports and news in the Stanley, North Dakota area.

Ian Grande is the Editor of The Stanley Gazette, he can be reached at: StanleyGazette@gmail.com


To report any area sports scores, please email: StanleyGazette@gmail.com

Feel free to send an email with any ideas for stories about the Stanley Blue Jays or the Stanley community to the Stanley Gazette.

You can follow the Stanley Gazette on our twitter page: @StanleyGazette or our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/StanleyGazette

Other information:

The Stanley Gazette is the place to go for up to the date Blue Jays sports scores and news.

The Stanley Gazette will be providing news for the Stanley, North Dakota area as well periodic updates on the Bakken.

You can also find information on the Stanley Blue Jays sports teams on their Stanley Gazette team pages:

Stanley Boys Basketball Team Page

Stanley Girls Basketball Team Page

Stanley Blue Jays Cross Country




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