Legume Logic

About Legume Logic:

Legume Logic is a legume seed development company.  The company has spent 26 years promoting legumes in the Great Plains.  Dick Roland is the founder/owner and along with his son, Cody Roland, manage the day to day operation of the company located in Crosby, N.D.  Legume Logic is the oldest and largest pea seed development company in the Great Plains.  In 1990, the first field pea trial was conducted at Crosby, North Dakota using Trapper peas to demonstrate the benefits of peas to other crops like wheat.  In the past 26 years, Legume Logic have tested over 400 pea lines from multiple breeding programs and introduced 27 lines with 19 varieties still under production. 

In the last 3 years, Legume Logic has been involved in introducing Faba Beans into North Dakota.  It has been an exciting cool season legume that offers numerous agronomic benefits.  In comparison to field peas, it handles wet/salty soils better, very tall/stands well, highest nitrogen fixing annual legume, and has an aggressive root system to use up moisture, help with compaction, and reduce severity of root disease. 

Legume Logic is hosting a one stop seminar for what you need to know about Faba Beans.  The seminar locations are Minot (February 9th) and Langdon (February 8th).  For more information regarding the seminars or Faba Beans in general please contact Richard Roland (701) 570-0598 or Cody Roland (701) 641-0214.