Stanley Blue Jay Volleyball (2017)

Stanley Blue Jay Volleyball Preview (2017)

Head Coach: Bobbi Jo Johnson (First Year)

Assistant Coach: Nikki Heinle

Junior High: Kayla Grande and Jasmynn Halvorson

2016 Record: (10-28)

Returning Award Winners: Abby Iverson (All-District and All-Tournament) and Hayley Schmidt (All-Tournament)


Stanley Blue Jay Volleyball Schedule (2017)

Aug 31 7:00pm  Away     Bowbells/Burke Central

Sep 5 7:00pm    Away     Lewis & Clark

Sep 7 7:00pm    Home    Tioga High School

Sep 9 7:00pm    Away    Watford City Tournament

Sep 19 7:00pm  Away     Williston Trinity Christian High School

Sep 21 7:00pm  Home    Powers Lake High School

Sep 26 7:00pm  Away     Watford City

Sep 28 7:00pm  Away     Ray High School

Oct 3 7:00pm     Away     Nedrose High School

Oct 5 7:00pm     Home    Kenmare High School

Oct 10 7:00pm  Home    Parshall High School

Oct 12 7:00pm  Home    Divide County High School

Oct 17 7:00pm  Away     Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood High School

Oct 23 7:00pm  Home    South Prairie High School

Oct 26 6:30pm  Home    Killdeer High School

Oct 30 4:00pm  Away     District 16 Tournament